This is the first painting I completed after returning from my trip to Greece: “Gold and Grace” 36×36

“Now she is found, a true treasure with a golden heart. He carries his redemption, as silver rain stains his skin. Words have lost their power, only love and truth stand between them…”

This probably has to be one of my top favorite paintings I’ve created. It felt so fresh to me as I was painting it. The colors, the gold, the twinkling light, and the whole presence of this piece felt so right. Sometimes as an artist, we create things from our mind and they don’t always turn out how we envisioned. This piece came from my heart. When this happens, you feel it. To me, this painting symbolizes two stories of very different lives coming together, and sharing the same breath. They were destined all along, and this is the story they’re writing. She found herself, she knows who she is and who she is called to be. He came to her, to find the same breath of life.

I like to tell stories in each of my paintings, I really just make it up as I go along. I usually have no idea to why I paint the things I do. When each piece is finished, I stare at it, sometimes for days…until the meaning hits me. Then I write its story, revealing its deepness.