Release You original oil painting of a woman and wrapped in octopus, by Dimitra Milan

Release You, 36×48

“I finally let go of the past, a choice rooted in strength. I’ve been molded into my future. It is here, the present moment awaits me. Releasing you, sets us both free…”

To me the octopus symbolizes intelligence, complexity, and having deep insight. The octopus knows how to maneuver in difficult situations, they are extremely wise creatures. I’ve always been attracted to them, especially in painting. In my own life, I can definitely relate to these animals. I’ve been stretched and molded, and had to maneuver my way through difficult decisions, especially regarding my business. This piece is a very personal one.

I hope as you look at this painting, you will find your own story hidden between the layers of oil paint. This moment awaits you, to reveal its truths and bring you a new perspective…